How we came to reinvent the wheel

Grand Canyon State

Where we roam

At first dawn, we know we're alive when we gaze upon the vistas we hunt here in the American Southwest. We call it 'God's Country' and there's no place like it anywhere else in the world. This postcard ready landscape was forged by the most dramatic natural events that mother nature has to offer. And while it looks serene relaxing on a gift shop postcard, actually trekking upon this land is not for those without mettle. Winding your way through this vast landscape after seizing your game can require a Herculean effort, especially when you're a far from camp and away from your group in a location you'd like to keep to yourself.

Wheel loaded with game

No alternatives

There are many means of game transport and many of the techniques we use are the same ones that our ancestors have favored for generations. But we're modern men brandishing the desire to make our own way in this world and blaze a trail for ourselves and future generations. We experimented with countless products and means of game transport and came up with nothing to show for our efforts other than broken gear, sore muscles and less than ideal trophies. We'd have to find another way.

Elk rack

Ridge Runner Wheel. Built by and for the pioneers

This ignited within us the same self-driven spirit possesed by the frontiersman who first came upon these wildlands and from this independent fire the Ridge Runner Wheel emerged. The wheel has allowed us to enjoy our seasons in "God's Country' even more now that we are able to traverse these rugged canyons and valleys with ease. We originally created Ridge Runner Wheel for our own personal use out in the field but thanks to inspiration from others in our pack, we've taken the initiative to provide the hand-assembled Ridge Runner Wheel to all our kindred spirits who sometimes just need to carry their own load or believe that time is better spent in the tracking of their game, not the dragging of their game. We're confident that you'll find the wheel as essential to your gear as we do.

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